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Porsche Centre Victoria

70 years of Porsche Sportscars

Porsche Sportcars Together : Celebrate with Us

As an owner of a Porsche sports car, you appreciate subtle things that other sports car owners don't. From the purr of the engine in idle, the smooth German engineering of shifting gears, and on the roads of Vancouver Island, that classic throaty sound of your motor.


We admire the same sentiments and want to invite you to join us as we celebrate 70 years of Porsche Sports Cars. This special event will bring together others like you for an exciting day to showcase everything that we love about the brand.


Save the date and RSVP to celebrate these ultimate automobile icons as we celebrate Porsche's 70-year automotive journey. 


The day will start out with a coffee social, sharing your passion with fellow Porsche sports car owners. Next, rallying together on a road tour that takes to you to a fantastic breakfast stop with one of the best views on Vancouver Island. Back on the road, you'll then head out for more beautiful scenic vistas around Vancouver Island. With Porsches in a grand parade across the island, your memorable journey through city and countryside will occasionally pause at various points of interest. You will continue onwards and stop at an exceptional and appropriate destination to shine and show off your Porsche to fellow aficionados.


With a day filled with so many activities showcasing beautiful sports car model years, touring the island and sharing with others a mutual admiration for the brand—you cannot afford to miss this exciting milestone event!


Reserve your spot today and contact Porsche Centre Victoria to join this iconic celebration of Porsche's 70-year automotive journey!


Save the date today: June 10th

Plan for an all-day celebration


Date Posted: February 28, 2018