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Heart of a Porsche That Fits With Your Changing Lifestyle.

From the impressive performance to the sophisticated style, the 2018 Porsche Macan outclasses the rest of the competition. This performance car disguised as a utility vehicle is uncompromising in features ready to fit your lifestyle.

Porsche did not compromise their values when designing a more utilitarian SUV to fit your lifestyle. Their standards of comfort, technology and performance are still at the very core of the Macan, while still delivering a vehicle that excels past those requirements.

The uncompromising features in the interior provide a sense of pure luxury while still maintaining the originality of the brand by offering fully customizable options to fit your individual lifestyle needs. As you enjoy activities that are enhanced by mobile technologies such as listening to music, talking on your phone or receiving messages, you will appreciate how the Macan seamlessly merges and extends your portable technology. You will experience the flexibility of being able to take your family or friends for a spontaneous west coast camping trip or wakeboarding in the ocean, knowing that you can reconfigure the capacity in multiple ways. At the end of a trip, everyone will appreciate the comfortable ride home after they jump into the comfort of heated seats and the flexibility of three independent climate zones. It elevates your getaway to the ultimate road trip.

The Porsche does not brand a vehicle without being 100% confident that it feels like a Porsche. As you put your hands behind the steering wheel, you will handle the same steering wheel you get from a Porsche 911. Pressing your foot to the pedal and when you hear that growl of the turbo engine you know, it roars with the heart of a Porsche sports car.

For those more active occasions, the Macan is well equipped to handle an assortment of activities. From a ski trip to Mt. Washington, strapping surfboards to the rooftop to go to Tofino, a fishing trip to Campbell River or a dream road trip across Canada, the Macan will achieve that. Within the city or more local activities, you can bring a group of players to soccer practice, your child's first hockey practice or picking up crates of local farm fresh produce. The Macan makes this possible while still offering some of the latest in safety technology and the primary goal of getting everyone safely to their destinations.

Porsche’s commitment to performance, safety, style, comfort, technology and design are apparent in each of their vehicles, from sports cars to SUV's. Whether you're looking for something to drive your adventure or you need a little more space, the Macan has it all.

We invite you to visit us for a personalized presentation to discover a Porsche designed SUV in a whole new light. Should you wish to take a Macan for a test drive overnight, we will be happy to arrange that for you so you can experience how it fits perfectly with your current driving needs.

Meet the Macan – built for an intensive life in which the thirst for experience and thrills are ever-present. The Macan has everything you want in an SUV, but with the sports car performance you expect from a Porsche.

2018 Porsche Macan

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Date Posted: September 14, 2018