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Porsche Centre Victoria

Ladies Driving Series

We were so pleased with the response we received from our Ladies and their new Porsche last month, when two groups of ten drivers each joint our split day Porsche driving event. 

We all congregated at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit (VIMC) first thing Sunday May 19th for what was to be an introduction to what our cars are made of and what for… 

Many thanks to the talented Instructors who walked our Guest through various Dynamic driving exercises like emergency braking, emergency lane change and slalom practice runs. All was in the spirit of gaining even more confidence in driving and getting further acquainted with Porsche cars of course. Both groups also indulged in what we called ‘lead and follow’ circuit driving maneuvers. With nineteen turns within the circuit and elevations changes equal to seven stories it really illustrated how smooth and safe Porsche cars turn and behave in the various driving circumstances our instructors choregraphed for us. Instructors set the pace and were in constant radio contact with each driver to ensure enjoyment and safety above all. Drivers decided which exercises they wanted to engage in and which they chose to passed on. Each session was wrapped up with a few hot laps in our Porsche Cayman S models driven by instructors and co piloted by our invited Guest. The Paddock Lounge treated all drivers to a delicious lunch to complete an event we hope was merely the first of more to follow. 

Our sincere thanks to all Ladies and their Porsche who participated, thank you to the talented Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit crew, and my heartfelt thank you to the crew from the Porsche Centre Victoria: Matt, Jason, Evan, Tyson, Adam and Alex for hosting.

-Volker Grady, GM

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Date Posted: June 4, 2019