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Porsche Centre Victoria

Porsche Carrera 993, the legendary car.

Cars from the '90s seem to have had just the right amount of assistance systems, no traction control, no torque vectoring no fancy suspension, maybe some anti-lock brakes to make life a little easier, and this 993 exemplifies that. Sporting the low and wide body, manual transmission and the unmistakable howl of the naturally aspirated flat 6 it's no surprise that Porsche’s last air-cooled Carrera, the 993, is such a legendary car.

This example is a 2 owner car with an incredulously low 34 thousand KM and probably thinks rain is just as common as solar eclipses with how many times it’s been out of its garage. With the classic Guards Red paint and the Black Leather interior all wrapped up in the ageless Carrera styling, this 911 speaks volumes to scores of fans. From the Porsche purist to the ‘90’s kids with the poster on the wall there will always be something alluring about a Red Carrera.

Porsche Classic enthusiasts are welcome to visit and see this car first hand in our showroom.

Author: Porsche Centre Victoria - Evan Hamilton, Jr Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador
Photographer: Porsche Centre Victoria - Alexander Coombs, Concierge

Date Posted: December 10, 2018