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Proactive Driving In Wet Weather

Our summer on Vancouver Island was one of the driest we have experienced over the years. With days spent wishing for rain, it seemed it would never arrive. Now that summer has ended, the wet weather is finally here, but are you prepared?

The Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit has designed a program to help you prepare for the wet winter ahead. With their Proactive Driving Program, drivers are provided with a safe and controlled environment created to push you and your vehicle to the limits. 

This training program was specifically designed to help you in real life situations, as the Circuit focuses on you as the driver and on the logistics of every vehicle. You will learn how to skillfully assess difficult situations, respond safely and then be able to drive on calmly. 

Some of the skills drivers learn in this full-day course are:

Positioning: an in-depth look at correct seat position, mirrors and steering column adjustments to optimize driving and clear lines of sight for both day and nighttime driving.

Flow of traffic: learn where to position your car in traffic and how much space is needed for safe braking and avoidance maneuvers.

Traffic assessment: how to read traffic and how to react to avoid situations in advance, with enough time and space for safe maneuvering.

Control: understand car balance, how understeer and oversteer will affect driving in wet and slippery conditions, giving a clear understanding of how actions impact traction.

Experience the full day (9am- 4pm) program for only $229 + tax per person. Contact the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit at +1 844-856-0122 to sign up for their next session. 

Date Posted: October 27, 2017