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Protect Your Investment: Tips on maximizing your Porsche's value.

Maintenance Booklet

Does this look old school to you…?

In an industry that has adopted digital data capture like everybody else, it feels old school to physically stamp, date and sign something, doesn’t it?

Well, sadly the habit of taking the Maintenance Record Booklet out of the Glovebox for the Porsche Service Advisor to stamp, date and sign has fallen into neglect. Keeping reliable records of your cars’ service and maintenance contributes to the retained value of your vehicle. Why is that? It is well known that Porsche cars retain a handsome resell value in the industry because they are firstly highly sought after and secondly they are historically best cared for by their owners and respective Porsche Service Centres. To this day, 70% of all Porsche cars ever built are still on the Road today. The selling price of a pre-owned vehicle is determined by what the buyer is willing to pay based on several factors like age, odometer reading, model & equipment, wear and tear, declarations, to name a few, but mostly the condition and upkeep of the vehicle regardless of age. Porsche buyers and professional car appraisers alike trust in the service and maintenance the owner has invested in the car. Diligent record keeping makes their research easier and will prompt better results.

Here are a few tell tails they look for:
• Was the manufacturer's maintenance schedule adhered to, both regular and intermediate?
• What was the exact scope of the work?
• Were Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts used?
• Who performed the work? Porsche certified or other?
• Will the vehicle pass certification or Collectors designation?

Above is merely a sampling of information that helps determine the retained value of a Porsche provided it is properly recorded, hence the importance of a properly executed Maintenance Record Booklet. Keeping work receipts certainly helps, but the conscientious Porsche owner will let the Service Advisor keep records of all services and have the comfort of knowing their car is up to date and in top shape. It is not too late, don’t hesitate to let the Service Advisor update your Maintenance Record Booklet, you’ll appreciate the extra value it builds in your Porsche when the time comes.

Still think it’s old school? A small gesture with big retained value.

If you ‘are’ contemplating switching cars the following pointers may assist you:

DO bring it in spotless. That tells the Porsche team you care about your car and can go a long way by influencing the amount they will pay, after examining the maintenance records.

DO replace Cracked Glass. If your car has a cracked windshield, get your Porsche Service Centre and insurance to replace it. Usually, the deductible is low and it makes a better impression.

DO display the Porsche Maintenance Record Booklet. As stated above, this will make the person appraising your Porsche stand up and take notice!

DON’T worry about minor damage or door dings, the dealer can do that a lot cheaper than you can. Appraisers deduct their cost of repairs, which is less than you can do it for. Major damage should be repaired and covered by your insurance. Do take your personal belongings out before you go into the dealership. Clutter will devalue your car and slow down the process of you getting your new Porsche and driving away. If your trade has a navigation system, clear out personal information, like your address, phone numbers, etc. Don’t forget your garage door opener and parking passes. Last, take both sets of keys and make sure the owner’s manual is in the glove box and let's not forget about the Maintenance Record Booklet again going forward!

These things will help you get top dollar for your trade-in and make the process much easier.

Date Posted: January 17, 2019